About Us

Growing up in the mountains of north Idaho on old school sleds, 80’s dirt bikes, three wheelers and offroad trucks, instilled a passion for motorsports in me at a young and impressionable age. I used to dream about opening a bike shop while tinkering on custom builds with my dad. The shop would include some bike work, building innovative accessories, producing live events and races, filming riding videos and producing an industry magazine. But dreams don’t take root on their own. After 10 years of ‘the grind’, I abandoned security for passion and took a job at a local mx track. My goal was clear, but the path was not.
It was sitting on the top of a mountain on my dirt bike that the direction of MTNMOTOCO™ was born: To provide high quality products, nurture growth of the motorsports industry and support local athletes in their pursuits. To do this, we FUEL THE RIDE™ with custom apparel for all motorsport disciplines, innovative products, cutting edge films, and family oriented live events. When we’re not printing apparel, building tracks and trails or coming up with the next big idea, you can find the riders of MTNMOTOCO™ riding dirt or snow. Keeping it ‘built for riders, by riders’ as true as a freshly laced wheel.