Future Rider Program

As a younger rider myself, my family couldn't always afford the proper gear and expenses of dirt biking. After growing up having to work for everything myself and coming across one rider who really open my eyes, I decided to do something to help the underprivileged youth which are the future riders. After meeting a young 15 year old ambitious rider on the side of a trail in 2017 wearing ripped jeans, wore out work boots, gardening gloves, safety glasses, and a 20 year old helmet, I decided to start this program that day. 

I plan to take this as far as possible, but for now, we are doing what we can with local donations distributed to riders at our events. If you are interested in donating gear, gift cards, or parts, please email mtnmotoco@gmail.com or call 208-446-4273.

If you are a rider or a parent of a rider, age 17 or younger, who is in need of gear, parts, etc. Please fill out our form below, explaining your situation and area of need. We can't guarantee we will always have exactly what you need right away, but being a part of the program as donations come in, we will distribute to the best of our ability.