Pipe Repair- FMF recommended pipe repair shop. We offer dent repairs, welding cracks, repacking silencers, broken mounts, cleaning/bluing, and ceramic coating. We stock most O-rings, springs, tab clips and packing! 

Engine building/Rebuilding- Top and Bottom rebuilds. Big Bore builds, Transmission Polishing, cylinder and head repair/service, pro grade clutches, smoothing & blending ports, cylinder and head modification. Vaporblasting, Ceramic coating engine parts, and welding (job by job scenarios) We can keep your engine running at peak performance, build mild to wild, or make it look like a Factory Finish Show/Race engine. 

Custom Exhaust- (We Must Have the Bike) We offer custom pipe building for MOST 2 & 4 Stroke dirt/snow bikes. Titanium, Steel or Stainless. Our pipes are built to your engine specs and your frame, so we have to have your bike. Lead times vary 2-12 weeks. Our pipes are 100% hand made with a slip roller, band saw, hand tig welded, and tubing bender. Raw steel race pipes are not meant to be pretty, more for the power. However, we can build you a show pipe as well.

Cerakote- We cerakote (ceramic coating) engine parts, brake parts, chassis parts, fork upper tubes, shock bodies, wheels, and more. Cerakote is the industry standard for high performance coatings with extreme heat ratings, thin coating unlike powdercoat, and excellent fade resistance. 

Vaporblasting- We have the highest grade equipment for vaporblasting in-house. Vaporblasting cleans parts and renews them to like new. Vaporblasting is safe on almost all parts including cylinder walls and valve seats. We use a chemical in our water that prevents rusting of cylinders, bolts, etc and strive to return to you a like new If not better than new part(s) 

Complete Bike Builds- Want to restore your dads old garage dust collector? Or, want to make your bike look like the ones you see on the cover of DirtBike Magazine? We do both. Full tear downs, restorations, frame coating, and more. 

Welding- We Tig weld Aluminum, Steel, Stainless, and Titanium. Engine cases, Chassis parts, Exhaust, even your bike stand. Weld repairs are job by job scenarios cost wise and if we can/should do it. Not all things can be repaired, however we've welded up things that most would throw away. 

Questions about our Services? Give us a call at 208-771-7156 10am-6pm Mon-Fri (Saturdays vary as we also ride, and promote races) Or swing by the shop at 185 W. Haycraft ave in Coeur d'alene, Idaho